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A Brief Bio.
My Gradeschool Years
Little Known Facts
Places I have been
The Adams Family Tree
Flying with the Crow
For My Mom
A Special Dedication to Mom
To my sister Sandi
The Wonderful World of Glamour Shots!!! LOLOLOL
My life as I know it now

A Brief Bio.

Well, where to start, where to start?

After graduating from Lexington High School, I moved to Leadville, Colorado.  I lived there for about 2 years.  I worked at Pine Ridge Condominiums in Breckenridge, cleaning condos and making about $800 a week.  I left Leadville in 1987, and moved to Rifle, Colorado, where I began working with the road construction crew of Peter Kiewit and Sons (PKS) for short.  I started off as a flagger making $12.00/hr, to heavy equipment operator, making $18.00/hr.  So, yes, I can run a fork lift, lay-down machine, roller, sweeper, and I can "tie" re-bar!!  I left Colorado in 1988, and moved to Albuquerque, NM, by means of transfer with the company.  I stayed there for about 3 months before moving back to Colorado. 

I left Colorado and moved back to Nebraska towards the end of '88, where I would meet the man who would in time give me the 2 greatest gifts of my life.  Under difficult circumstances, I had to leave Lexington once again, and went to California for almost 2 months.  I stayed with my brother-in-law while my sister was hospitalized.  At that time, I had to become a "parent" to their 3 children and to the son of my sister Sandi.  They ranged in age from 2-10 at the time.  So, it was a huge transition for me.

After moving back to Lexington, I reunited with the man I had to leave behind.  On May 26, 1990, we celebrated the birth of our first son.  Jordan Dean.  He weighed in at 6lb 11oz, and was 20 inches long.  By the age of 1, he could decipher between 50's, 20's, 10's, and 5 dollar bills.  He could also speak complete sentences, and proved to be quite the handful in the behavior department.  LOL  His dad and I decided to marry on July 24, 1991.

On September 2, 1992, came the birth of our 2nd son.  Jacob Eugene.  He weighed in at 5lb 15 oz. and was 21 inches.  During my pregnancy with him, I had a lot of complications.  I had placenta previa, went into labor 10 weeks early, and spent 2 weeks in the hospital, trying to stop his delivery.  Six days after his delivery, I was faced with the ultimate pain of a young mother.  I had to have a hysterectomy.  Something that will affect me for the rest of my life.  But!!  Having 2 absolutely gorgeous and wonderful sons, was definately worth it!!  Three years later, we would divorce.

Since 1992, I have moved 9 times.........from Lexington, to Cozad, to Gothenburg, North Platte, Superior, back to North Platte, back to Superior, Nelson, Hardy and off to the "big" city of Jewell, KS.  Where I would buy my very first home!! (YAY)  It would also be the place I would marry (2002) and divorce (2004) my second husband.  A very, very shortlived marriage, but, a BIG reality check!!

I would find myself managing "The Jewell" restaurant there for the next 11 months.  I would meet some of my dearest and closest friends there.  Jim and Inez Tillery (owners/operators) and Martha and John Matthews.  To this day, these people have been a great help and inspiration for me during the time of the illness and death of my mother. 

I left there, and went to work at "The Pub", where I became not only waitress, but a bartender!  Quite a change from what I was used to.  But, out of the blue, Frank (my boss), called me up and said he would love it if I came to work for him.  I met Frank and his wife Jane, when I first moved to Jewell.  Quite the "jokesters", but, absolutely wonderful friends. 

I love all of you, and thank you for being there and being absolutely wonderful to me!!  I will miss you while I am gone!