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Flying with the Crow


Best friend, companion, soul mate, and greatest love to ever cross my presence!  This is the only way I know to describe him.  I have loved and lost so many times in my life, but, without a doubt, this is the one who truely makes me happy and complete.  This man.........the one I now call my husband!  And with him, he brought me 2 more sons.

Billy Country Stampede June 2005

Our first meeting!

I was never really "into" the dating web pages, nor, had I ever paid much attention to the "unwanted" e-mails I would receive and toss.  But, in November of 2003, I decided to "try my luck" and see what sort of response I would get. 
Shortly after posting my add, I received an e-mail from someone, that, completely caught my attention.  I had received several replies, but, this on in particular, made me take a second look.
It was from a soldier stationed in Iraq at the time.  He said that he was due home for leave in January, and would be interested in getting aquainted.  I replied back, but, didn't receive any other responses.  We added each other to our friends lists, and that was as far as it went. 
January 17, 2004.  I was sitting in front of my computer, reading my "mail", when I decided to see if any of my friends were on line.  Now, normally, I would log in under invisible, but, for some reason, that night, I decided to let all know I was on line.
Out of the blue, a message appeared.  It was from a familiar "friend".  The words "Hi" appeared in front of me, like a bolt of lightning capturing the night sky.  I froze for a minute, wondering what I would say.  But, his words would help to ease the anxious moment.  "I am home on leave, can we meet?"
We agreed to meet at a little gas station in Jewell, KS.  (where I was living at the time)  The poor guy sat and waited for an extra half hour for me.  (I was running a friend to do errands---at 11 at night!!  What was I thinking??)  When I finally pulled up to the little blue pick-up in the parking lot, my heart leapt as far as I can remember.  This man, sitting in the pick-up, was by far more than I would ever expect!  Tall, dark, and more handsome than any man I think I have ever laid eyes on.  And the gentleness in his voice, was amazing.
We decided on a night of dancing at "The Captain's Quarters" in Beloit, KS.  A little town about 15 miles from Jewell.  We even managed to slip in a few rounds of pool together.  (thanks for letting me win!!)
It was the most fun, and the best evening I had ever spent in my entire life.  Watching him get back into his pick-up and head back home, was the hardest thing I have ever witnessed.
The next week, I drove 1 1/2 hours with my sons, to meet his sons and to get to see him again.  It was then, that I realized I was already falling for this man.  That I was already imagining my life with him, and also without him.  (He was due back in Iraq within a matter of days.)
After returning home that evening, we were chatting on-line, when, the words I had been longing to say, finally happened.  But, they weren't only from my keyboard, but, also, from his own.  Those typed words, and phone calls using the same, would have to hold me until I could tell him to his face.  At that moment, my entire life changed!  I knew in an instant, that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!  This man, who I would spend the next 2 months pining over.  We kept in constant contact with each other while he was back overseas, and I even made it a point, to visit his sons, and even have them stay the weekend with me several times.
He was originally due home in May of 2004, but, fortunately, he was dismissed from Iraq in March.  He returned home on March 22, 2004.  The day after his 32nd birthday.  I am sure it was the greatest present he had ever received.  The drive to meet him at "his" home, was the longest drive imaginable, but, being able to wrap my arms around him, and tell him for the very first time "I love you" face-to-face, was absolutely awesome!!  We held each other for what seemed like hours.  I knew I would never tire of being held in his arms.
I have learned in my life time, that true love only happens once in your life, and through the help of Someone up above watching over us that cold January night, we have found our one True Love!
What God has brought together, no woman or man will ever tear apart!


And the story goes........

January 15, 2005.  Two days shy of our first meeting, we exchanged wedding vows, at the First Baptist Church of Wamego, KS.  With the Reverand James Kiker, performing his very first wedding ever!  I had the honor of being given away by my sons.....Jordan and Jake.  With 4 bridesmaids to my side, and 4 groomsmen to his, with the solemn words of "I Do", I proudly took his name!  I will forever stand by your side Billy!


Our Children

And with those words, I also became the very proud mother of 4 sons.  Yes!  You read correctly!  4    Count 'em!  4!!    Jordan...15, Jake...12, Alex...9, Jacob...7