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Little Known Facts

A Brief Bio.
My Gradeschool Years
Little Known Facts
Places I have been
The Adams Family Tree
Flying with the Crow
For My Mom
A Special Dedication to Mom
To my sister Sandi
The Wonderful World of Glamour Shots!!! LOLOLOL
My life as I know it now

Things you would never know!!

My favorite animal is the wolf. 
I didn't learn to ride a bike till I was 7 years old.
At the age of 13, I saved a set of 14 month old twins from a burning house.
At 13, I fell from a 5-gallon bucket, and broke my shoulder.  In turn, causing my "pivot-ball" to sit to the front of my shoulder.
While melting Velveeta cheese, my son dropped the hot bowl, spilling it on my feet.  I would spend the next 3 months in a wheel chair, and the next 8 months, trying to regrow the hair that was shaved from my head!! (had to have skingraft)
I bought my very first "pick-em-up" truck in 2003.
My favorite vehicle is my 1987 Ford T-Bird (which sits beside my garage, in desperate need of a new starter! (hint, hint) )
My favorite food is Chicken Ramen Noodles with kim-chi (thank you Kim Stump for that idea.  It is delicious!!)
My favorite color is PURPLE!!!!!!  BUT DEFINATELY NOT ON GAME DAYS!!
My favorite football team is NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS!!!!!  GO TEAM GO!
My "Uncle Mick" Tinglehoff  played center for Minnesota Vikings from 1962-1978.
My favorite season is fall.  I love to see the colors change.
I spent 2 years at UNK (University of Nebrasa at Kearney) working on a degree in Special Education.  Deaf Interpreter to be exact.  Little would I know, that 4 years later, I would become the aunt to a deaf child.  Kory Wattier.........student at ISD (Iowa School for the Deaf)
My favorite activity is,shooting the 8-ball into the corner pocket.
I won a trophy in 1998 for 1st place on the APA ( American Pool Association) league in North Platte, NE.
I won a trophy for 1st place and 2 certificates for 2nd place, for Karaoke.  (Obviously, I love to sing)
My very first vehicle, was a '79 AMC Gremlin.
I sunk the 8 ball on the break for the first time at Captain's Quarter's (Beloit, KS) in November of 2004!!!!    YAY MEEEEEEEEE :)
Was an EMT for 2 years in Cozad, NE

Naturally, there is a lot more, and I will add them as I think of them.